about our wedding planning services

Whether you're wanting help from the initial stages of planning your wedding or you’ve become overwhelmed and need help to finish the planning, we are here to assist you in executing your vision – flawlessly.

We plan, design, finalise, and ensure that you and your guests have a wonderful time on your special day!

As a team we believe there is no event too big or too small to plan and coordinate. Nor do we think one event package fits all – hence our recent change to a custom and bespoke service.

We work with you to customise a service that captures the specifics of what you want for your upcoming wedding. 

You can rest assured that your event will be personalised, top-notch quality, and spectacular.

And on the day of your event, our team steps quietly into the background so you can sparkle in the spotlight—thanks to our meticulous preparation.

The best way to find out if we are the perfect fit is:

- download our Information Pack 
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before the event

Whether you're needing us to style your day, or want the experts to take the reigns logistically - the Darling Don't Panic team will make the process fun and deliver with ease.

Planning specifically is the term for researching, negotiating and communicating with suppliers on your behalf to plan your event - whether visual / logistics or both.

Have one of our wedding planners at the event to either co-ordinate visual (6hrs) or both visual and logistics (8hrs).

It is possible to book an On The Day service, although a small Partial Planning service applies for the final two weeks.

As of 2020, Darling Don't Panic will have it's own in-house travel department that can help you plan for in-bound guest travel, destination weddings, elopements and honeymoons.

Enjoy exclusive travel deals, group rates and seamless experience between wedding & travel.

on the day

travel service