Including Children in Your Wedding Plans

Izzie, Jac & Dan’s daughter and flower girl

Children can be a wonderful addition to any wedding party. Flower girls and ring bearers are the traditional roles help by children in a wedding but youngsters can fill a number of other roles in the wedding. The inclusion of children in a wedding can certainly add a great deal of delight to the wedding but it is important to remember it can also add a great deal of uncertainty to the wedding as well. Older children can usually be counted on to perform tasks but there is no such guarantee with younger children. With that understanding couples who opt to include children in their weddings should make this decision with the understanding that there may be some surprises along the way and these surprises may not be pleasant. As long as the couple has a good attitude about having children in the wedding they will not allow these minor bumps in the road to become major problems that destroy the wedding. This article will discuss strategies for having the best possible results when including children in the wedding.

First and foremost couples who decide to include children in their wedding day festivities should always have a Plan B. This is especially true when the children involved are very young because young children cannot always be counted on to do what is expected of them. They may have not slept well the night before, they may be hungry, they may get stage fright or they may fall and skin their knee right before they walk down the aisle and any one of these events can cause a meltdown of epic proportions. The best way to deal with these uncertainties is to have the childís mother or father standing by to assist. It is also important to be willing omit the childís part in the wedding at the last minute if it looks as though he or she is not going to cooperate happily in the wedding procession.

It is also important to practice with the child beforehand instead of expecting the little one to know exactly what to do with just a few verbal instructions right before the start of the wedding. Practice will fully prepare the child for the dayís events and will give him or her a better understanding of the expectations for the day of the wedding. However, it is very important to remember there is such a thing as too much practice. There may be temptation to have the child repeat the action over and over again until it is perfect but this plan can backfire. Most children, especially young children, can get bored very easily. They are much more likely to perform their tasks during the wedding if it still novel to them. It is also very important to keep practice session short and fun. If practicing for the wedding is not fun for the child there is very little chance they will do what is expected of them on the day of the wedding.

Another good idea for couples who wish to include children in the wedding is to have a friend or family member who is responsible for entertaining the children who will be participating in the wedding ceremony. This will not only help to keep the children entertained and happy while they wait for their turn but it will eliminate the stress of worrying about the children from the bride and the groom. The person responsible for caring for and entertaining the children may be a parent of one or more of the children or a friend or relative who has experience caring for young children.

Finally, any wedding which includes children should be sure to have video cameras rolling at all times. The couple will undoubtedly already have a video camera operator on hand to capture the details of the wedding ceremony and reception but they should also be instructed to be aware of the children in the wedding party. An experienced wedding video camera operator will be skilled at capturing the children at their best which is also when they are most likely to say or do things which will be cherished memories for the couple.

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