Get to know our Northern Beaches planner, Sandra

Name of Planner: Sandra Lang

Area/s serviced: Sydney/Northern Beaches

How did you get into wedding planning? My background is within the TV industry. Being responsible for some of the biggest TV shows in Sweden (where I come from), planning is in my backbone. When I was planning my own wedding I realised there was a lack of wedding services in Sweden and also in information in terms of how to plan your own wedding. I started a wedding planning site that has grown to be one of the biggest ones in Sweden and have during these past years been working as a wedding planner as  well as been an expert on TV when it comes to talking about wedding planning. 

What is it you LOVE about wedding planning? What’s not to love. Helping couples to achieve their dream wedding and seeing their smiles is everything. I mean a wedding is truly the party of parties and being a part of such a big day is honouring. What I also love is that each wedding is as unique as the ones getting married. For me the most important thing when it comes to planning a wedding is trust and building relations. Getting to know people and their stories and see how two families become one. 

Favourite wedding trend?For me it’s all in the details and I love when there is a thought in everything. I want each wedding to be as unique as the couple getting married. But I do need to confess, I love the to get in some Scandinavian less is more touch but I always encourage my couples to go their own way. 

Top tip for wedding couples: First of all. It is your day and that is the only thing that really matters.  Don’t listen to what everyone else says (except me 😉 ) Also remember what the wedding is really about. It is about you saying yes to the love of your life, that is the most important thing. You need to prioritise.

Decide what’s most important for you and your partner. Is it food and drinks,  a great party after the dinner, a band, the flowers, decoration? Make a list and set a budget and that goes in line with your decisions. Trie to think of what’s in season when making your decisions. Choose the greens and flowers that actually grows now.

Is the place you’re getting married at known for anything special? Can it be added as an element into your wedding? For example I had one wedding that took part at a farm who grow elder flower. We used elder in the decor and served a cocktail based on elder cordial and in the wedding cake we had elderflower and champagne mousse. Very classy and stylish.