Get to know our Dubai wedding planner, Iva Maria

Name of Planner: Iva Maria Mataj

Area/s serviced: UAE & Destination Weddings

How did you get into wedding planning? It was early this year that I decided to step away from the corporate world and go after my passions: The Events Industry. Having a project management background helps a lot in planning and managing any type of event the right way. I decided to add wedding planning to my portfolio because it fascinates me what love does to people. It fills me with happiness to be a key player in creating one of the most unforgettable days of every couple out there. Having managed various projects in the past, the end goal has always been to improve the customer experience hence bringing that to my clients and ensuring that their experience has been top notch, is what I love doing. 

What is it you LOVE about wedding planning?  I love meeting different couples, getting to know their stories and see how love brings together people from different cultures. It is fascinating how diverse people can be and every wedding is about telling a unique story. The beauty of wedding planning is that you will never have to plan the same exact event due to the different styles and stories of the love birds. I love listening to my clients requirements and creating something unique because every couple is special. It fascinates me how some want to have a small intimate wedding with the closest friends and family and some others want to have a big Disney fairy tale wedding. Not only is an exciting journey but I am constantly exposed and learning about different cultures and traditions on a daily basis, which makes me want to go on and never stop what I do.

Favourite wedding trend? I am a strong believer that every couple creates their own trend based on their story, style and preferences.  I personally love the soft pink and pastel colours for any wedding décor as well as the tall wedding flower centrepieces. I also like the hanging floral and greenery installations for that magic big day. Being a nature lover, outdoor venues with beautiful sea views can be great as you can go crazy with bright colours or just of a more subtle look depending on the couple’s style.

Top tip for wedding couples: 

  • Make sure you get some help and find a planner that is flexible enough to accommodate your needs
  • Enjoy the process of planning your wedding as you will learn more than you ever thought about each other tastes and expectations 
  • Don’t look at planning your wedding as a stressful process – that’s why I am here to take the stress away from you and make sure you enjoy every step of it
  • It is very important to know your limits and have a budget. You might want to go all in but if that means you going bankrupt, I would try and re-prioritise what matters and get rid of the things that are not so valuable for your special day
  • Enjoy every bit of it as the actual day goes by pretty quick!