Lifesaving Last-Minute Wedding Gifts

There’s a wedding coming up and you still haven’t found a proper gift for the newlyweds… If this sounds way too familiar, you’re definitely a person who needs a last-minute wedding gift guide, so stay with us and keep on reading. Here’s a list of six lifesaving presents you should take into consideration, so check them out and go shopping as soon as possible!

The amazing 12-wick candle

Even though this may sound a bit silly, getting a fabulous candle is actually a great gift, especially if you know that the bride and the groom enjoy spiritual stuff. Of course, ordinary candles are out of question since they are too simple, so make sure you find a 12-wick one that’ll sweep everyone off their feet. Flashpoint Candle is a brand that offers such beauties in a range of wonderful scents, so pick one you find most appropriate and instantly make the couple’s home more Zen.

Name a star after the newlyweds

One of the possible last-minute wedding gift ideas that’s really authentic and romantic at the same time is definitely naming a star after the newlyweds. This is a present not many people will receive, which is exactly what makes it extra special and unique. You can also opt for naming two stars, one after the bride and other after the groom so that they forever stand side by side. If you pick this gift, you’ll get a map, a certificate, and a software in a stunning folder, so that the newlyweds can keep it somewhere safe.

Vintage bedding set

Quality bedding is never a bad idea, especially if we’re talking about wedding gifts, simply because the newlyweds need a lot of stuff for their new home. You can’t make a mistake with luxurious bedding by Florence Broadhurst since this brand offers a lot of fabulous products designed to fit every bedroom. Their Chinese Key Gold Quilt Cover Set will suit any sleeper’s needs, as it is so smooth and extremely durable. We’re sure that the happy couple will be thrilled to use it right away, which means that you nailed it with your gift choice!

A surprise trip for the newlyweds

If you know that the newlyweds are always on the go, a surprise trip is definitely a fantastic idea they’ll appreciate a lot. The choice of destination depends on your budget, of course, and the truth is that you don’t have to pick some exotic destinations that cost a fortune. A weekend getaway to a nearby city will be more than fine, as well as a day at the spa which can be the best idea after the exhausting wedding day. The happy couple will certainly love this gift, no matter what you choose.

A set of brand new plates

Similarly to bed sheets, which are a true necessity in any couple’s new home, there’s also a set of brand new plates which are also an absolute must in their kitchen. Even though this is a quite popular wedding gift, the truth is that it’ll never go out of style simply because it’s highly required in any home. And what’s even better, you can find beautiful plates anywhere you like, from your local stores to some online shops, which makes them even more attractive.

Fresh flower delivery service to the rescue

If you want to add a touch of color and freshness to your home, the best way to make that happen is to buy some freshly picked flowers. That’s exactly what you should provide for the happy couple, and a fresh flower delivery service is there for you. When you choose the size and style of the bouquets, all you should do is to pick a frequency of delivery (there are weekly, monthly, and quarterly deliveries). It can be done in just a couple of minutes, and the newlyweds will absolutely adore your unique gift!
As you can see, there are many amazing last-minute wedding ideas that are true lifesavers, especially if you’re in a rush. You won’t make a mistake whichever you pick, just bear in mind the newlyweds preferences and you’ll nail this task without any doubt!

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